About Hollow

Hand sculpted, 1/12 scale witches, wizards and other beings to populate your witchy world or Halloween display.

These figures are hand sculpted by me in polymer clay.

They are all one of a kind and there will never be two the same.


I do not take or make moulds from my figures and will never copy them, so you can be sure that each one is totally unique and my own creation.


I prefer to sculpt characters which show the passing of time on their bodies and so make more elderly dolls than young beauties. There are thousands of young pretty dolls out there in the world already, so I think the time has come for the aged crone!


I design and dress each one in whatever they tell me suits them best, and who am I to argue with such worldly knowledge.


I use many vintage fabrics and trims which came from my Grandmother’s stash (who liked to dress costume dolls when I was a child), and my Great aunt-in-law (who liked needlework).


I try not to make them look like typical hags as I don’t think it’s a very flattering look, but they do have a certain “wisdom in age” look about them, that’s for sure.

Each figure has arms that can be gently posed and legs that are fixed in position, to enable them to stand unaided without a base.

If you have any ideas for a doll that you would like me to make for you, I am happy to hear your requests, (just as long as they aren’t pin-ups!).