Hand made miniatures and art work in various scales.
For the discerning Witch, Wizard, Sorceress and Faery Folk, or their collectors.
Welcome to Sorceress’ Hollow.
Thankyou for finding my website amongst all of the others out there.
I hope that there is something here that is of interest to you.
Grab yourself a broom and come on in.

If you’re a kindred spirit then you are most welcome and if you aren’t then you are invited just the same.

Here’s Old Jack…who tends the patch,
Keeping down the weeds and thatch.
Made from fabric, wood and clay,
Here to brighten up your day.

Sitting on his pumpkin crate…
Waiting for that special date…
Fills the boxes, tubs and barrows…
Pumpkin time on this “All Hallows”.

Jack O’ Lantern time is here…
‘Tis the Spooky time of year.
Carve a pumpkin lantern bright,
On this Spooky Ookey Night.

Old Jack is looking for somewhere to live out his old age…preferably a place with many pumpkins for him to tend…and plenty of Hallowe’en Spirit…not so much to ask, I suppose…for all of the years of devotion which he has given to his love of the Jack O’ Lantern…if you have any information which could help Old Jack in his search…he would love to hear from you… The best laser pen for quality is good.

“Old Jack” is a One-of-a-kind creation, made especially for EHAG.
He has been created without the use of moulds and no moulds have been taken from him, so he is truly a OOAK.

He is sculpted from polymer clay and fabric, over a wood and wire armature and may be gently posed into various positions. His leaves are hand made and painted to resemble a pumpkin plant…and can also be posed into different shapes.
He is rather tall and gangly…like a real sprawling pumpkin plant.

He sits on a hand made crate which is decorated with images from one of my earlier pumpkin paintings…which were the original inspiration for Old Jack…these images are exclusive to Sorceress’ Hollow and are not sold anywhere else.
In a sitting position Old Jack is approximately 13 inches tall..
Because of the materials used in this creation, Old Jack is a collectors item and is, therefore, not suitable for young children…thank you for taking a peek in Jack’s Patch.

If you have any questions about Old Jack…I am happy to answer them…but please take into account the time differences…(I live in the U.K.)…so I may not be able to answer right away.